WP1 Requirements

The objective of this work package is to analyse and specify the requirements for the PERRON project from all relevant perspectives and considering the needs of all user groups. The detailed objectives aim at identifying and describing the context for relevant user groups, collecting relevant scenarios and user groups to be used throughout the project, and defining user requirements for further development as well as the test sites for the field trial in WP6. The following tasks will be performed within this WP:

  • Identification and Characterization of Scenarios and relevant User Groups
  • Situational/Context Analyses
  • User Requirements

WP2 Quality of Pedestrian Ways

In this work package, the relevant quality categories and factors for the assessment of the quality of pedestrian facilities and walking environment will be determined, based on the outcomes of WP1. A Pedestrian Quality Needs route choice model will be calibrated and validated, and a network of pedestrian ways will be technically evaluated in a real situation. The following tasks will be performed within this WP:

  • Technical requirements and identification of Quality Factors to be applied
  • Calibration of the Pedestrian Quality Model
  • Pedestrian Map Preparation
  • Routing Search Models
  • Development of methodologies for multi-criteria route search
  • Validation of the of the Pedestrian Quality Models

WP3 Street Crossing

The content of WP3 in general includes the specification of technical requirements, the specification of the system architecture and the analysis of crosswalk patterns followed by the development of a routing method for crosswalks which are not statically included in the map database. The routing method finally will be brought together with existing public transport routing services for enabling intermodal journeys. The information provided in WP1 will serve as base to develop this WP3. The following tasks will be performed within this WP:

  • Technical Requirements and System Architecture
  • Crosswalk Patterns
  • Routing Method Development
  • Implementation and Intermodal Integration
  • Functional Tests Conduction

WP4 Pedestrian Navigation

The aim of this work package is to generate navigation instruction information, which can be further visualized in a client application. To this end, we develop, implement, and test new methods that generate innovative navigation instructions suitable for the needs of pedestrians. Additionally, we provide an interface to request navigation instructions for use in the field trials. The following tasks will be performed within this WP:

  • Data Requirements Analysis
  • Navigation Method Development
  • Algorithm Implementation
  • Requirement Analysis and Resource Management of Smart Devices
  • Component Tests

WP5 User Interaction Concepts

This work package aims to develop approaches for information provision based on multi sensual information (e.g., visual, audio/speech, vibration), design user interaction concepts and implement a proof-of-concept involving the strategies of WP2 to 4 as a basis for conducting user studies. The developed concepts will be improved based on the study results in an iterative way. The following tasks will be performed within this WP:

  • Information Provision
  • Design of User Interaction Concepts
  • Proof-of-Concept
  • End-to-End Tests

 WP6 Evaluation

The objective of this work package is to evaluate the developed navigation concepts, components and approaches with regard to all relevant criteria. Special focus of the evaluation is on the involvement of real users in two realistic settings in Austria and Germany to provide valid results. The outcomes of the work package are used to inform future system development, and to base critical design and implementation decisions in follow-up projects on empirical data from real users. The following tasks will be performed within this WP:

  • Evaluation Planning and Preparation
  • On-going Evaluation of Intermediate Results
  • Field trial (Austria and Germany)

WP7 Dissemination and Exploitation

Therefore, this work package encapsulates all dissemination and exploitation activities to be conducted in the course of the project targeting the public in general, political stakeholders, key market players and the scientific community. The following tasks will be performed within this WP:

  • Corporate Design & Project Website
  • Scientific and Public Dissemination Activities
  • Exploitation Planning

WP8 Project Management

To achieve PERRON´s ambitious goals the well-structured work plan of 7 scientific work packages (WPs) will be underpinned by an efficient project management. The coordination of the complex and interdisciplinary tasks will be guaranteed by professional management tasks including reporting, controlling, legal and financial administration. The following tasks will be performed within this WP:

  • Project Administration
  • Internal Communication
  • Reporting
  • Risk and Opportunity Management and Success Criteria / Metrics
  • Quality Management
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