PERRON at Walk21Vienna Conference

From 20 to 23 October 2015 the City of Vienna hosted the Walk21 Conference, where experts from around the globe shared insights and expertise on how to step ahead in urban development and on how to be a walkable city. This year´s motto “stepping ahead” promoted activities and innovations towards the future of our resilient cities and healthy living environments.

In a Speed Dating session Anita Graser (AIT) presented her work to multiple groups of participants followed by questions and discussions on the suitability of different landmark categories to be used in the navigation instruction of the planned PERRON system.


During a Roundtable session Stephanie Schwarz (AIT) provided insight into the project´s main objectives and engaged in in-depth discussions about pedestrian quality needs and preferences together with colleagues with similar interests.


For more interesting projects on walkability at Walk21Vienna Conference visit the submitted projects section:


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