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Tech Demo: Navigation Instructions Preview

Are you interested in the ongoing development of the landmark-based pedestrian navigation instructions? Now is your chance to have a look at the current state of development in our tech demo at Simply drag and drop the A and B markers onto the map and switch to the instructions tab on the left to […]

PERRON at FOSS4G 2016 in Bonn

FOSS4G is the annual global event of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo). This year at FOSS4G 2016 Conference in Bonn, Germany, Anita Graser (AIT) presented her work on a novel landmark-based pedestrian navigation model using open source tools and open data from Open-StreetMap. The approach ensures that the developed landmark navigation model is widely […]

ENT-III Final Conference at TRA 2016

The transnational ENT-III call team organised its Final Conference event which will took place in the framework of the 6th European Transport Arena Conference (TRA2016) in Warsaw, CZ, on 18th April, 2016. It was the key event for the dissemination of research and innovation activities and results that have emerged from the ENT transnational call […]

PERRON at Walk21Vienna Conference

From 20 to 23 October 2015 the City of Vienna hosted the Walk21 Conference, where experts from around the globe shared insights and expertise on how to step ahead in urban development and on how to be a walkable city. This year´s motto “stepping ahead” promoted activities and innovations towards the future of our resilient […]

Project Meeting in Minsk, Belarus

On 13th of October 2015 the 3rd project meeting took place. Partners were welcomed in the city of Minsk in Belarus to start with the second project year.

Article “Auch zu Fuß den richtigen Weg finden” about Perron published in journal “Die Presse”

The journal “Die Presse” has published the article “Auch zu Fuß den richtigen Weg finden” about the Perron project. Print edition in “Die Presse, Knowledge & Innovation”. To online article


The SPECIAL SESSION ON SAFETY ON CROSSINGS within the Future Active Safety Technology Towards zero traffic accidents (Fast-Zero 2015 Symposium, has been accepted. It focuses on issues related to the analysis of crossing accidents, driver behavior studies, technical solutions and functionality to improve road safety in different dimensions. As author of  an invited paper, […]

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